Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new treat, and training updates....

I decided to experiment with a new treat for our Superbowl Party.  I've seen several times on blogs and Pinterest examples of cookies made with various types of candies...and I just had to make my own version.

I started out with my family's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  However, before adding the chocolate chips, I divided the dough in half so I would have some "chipless" dough.

My candy of choice for this trial

From February 2012

These are to die for good...better even than Reese's.  They almost have the consistency of a peanut butter truffle...yum.

I scooped some of the plain, not yet chilled cookie dough into a spoon...

From February 2012

Formed the dough up around the PB cup,

From February 2012

added a little more dough on top, and molded it into a ball.

From February 2012

I chilled the dough for a couple of hours, and then I had to bake a couple to see how they turned out...

From February 2012

They baked exactly how they were supposed to....

From February 2012

These were AMAZING when they were warm and melty, and still really good after they'd cooled.  They were a hit with most the people at the party (my own kids informed me they prefer the regular chocolate chip cookies).

I would definitely make these again...and can envision all kinds of candy combinations that sound yummy....

As for my training updates, I've had a good month.  I exceeded my January goal of 9 miles each week actually running at least 10 miles every week but 1. On advice from some of the runners I work with, I did cut my mileage back just a little one week in January and only did 7 miles.  I didn't want to do too much too fast and risk getting re-injured.  

February has been good so far.  I've increased my mileage, and every week I'm running about 12 miles.  The week I was sick I only got in 10.6, but considering the stomach flu took me out for 3 days, I felt glad I could run again.
I took a day to "cross train" and went skiing at Snowbasin...even by myself, I had a wonderful day...

From February 2012

With a morning like this, I was pumped for a beautiful ski day...

(in my super cute new hat)

From February 2012

See that cloud behind me?

From February 2012

It settled over the top of Strawberry, which is my very favorite place to ski in the mornings.  Visibility was almost nonexisitent until about 1/2 way down, and not being able to see what I'm skiing on makes me really nervous, so I spent most the day on various runs accessible from the Needles lift.

(I had to change to my goggles because of the intermittent cloud cover)...

From February 2012

I had a fabulous day, and my run the next morning, the first with my new Garmin 405, was amazing.  I am quickly becoming addicted to information on distance and pace that it gives me.  It makes it easier for me to push harder, because I can see that I'm going faster.  When I ran yesterday, I had a goal to run less than 12 minute miles, and with the Garmin on my wrist, it was easy to see when I was slacking and give myself a push.

I'm feeling really good about my training, and considering setting a pretty major goal for June...

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Whooo hooo! Thanks for recipe! I definetely have to try this!!! :-)